Start the New Year off a little calmer and more relaxed.


This 21-day challenge was designed to help you make meditation a priority and easy to do! 

You'll receive a daily 5-15 minute guided meditation that's easy to fit in any schedule.

You'll get a daily reminder e-mail with the link to listen and follow along.

Be calmer.

Be more relaxed.

Be better connected to yourself.

By the end of this 21 day challenge,

you will have…


  • Tried several different kinds of meditation

    And you'll know what type you like best. You can keep doing your favourite kind instead of continuously searching for what feels best for you. You'll already know!
  • Learned just how much of a positive impact a few minutes of meditation each day can have on your well-being

    Meditation is something so easy to do, that doesn't take much time but we often don't do it because we think it can't have THAT much of an impact. You'll see for yourself firsthand by completing the 21 days that it absolutely can.
  • Experienced total peace and relaxation

    Even with 5-15 minutes of meditation you can get to a place of total peace and relaxation
  • Learned how to meditate

    You may think that it's difficult to meditate, or you're not sure if you're doing it properly. After these 21 days you'll know for sure how to and that you can!

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